The Future of Social Media

What is social media heading for in 2009 and will it learn from its own mistakes?

So 2008 brought us social media gurus, social media start-ups, social media campaigns, books, firms, strategists & managers. By the end of the year it has become a ‘messy playground’ with many applications and ads left behind. However, companies and investors have now realised that well-targeted niches can bring more marketing returns than big and ‘noisy’ social networks.

Undoubtedly, social media will continue to evolve in 2009 and, according to Ravit Lichtenberg (, “people will be looking to get tangible and relevant value out of their social experience; they’ll be looking for meaning and for order”. As there are more and more social media platforms with similar features, companies will be delivering creative & beautifully designed, searchable, flexible and easy to use platforms, e.g. Noovo!

Building a truly cross-platform experience will become even more rewarding in 2009. Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android & the new Palm have all proved how much is to gain out there. The reason behind it is that people are looking for solutions that continuously cut across mobile, web, and live interaction. Social media advertising is changing too. The next phase of social media is a gold mine of targeted niche demographics. This will be possible thank to the new generation of web analytics tools like Nuconomy (Take a Tour) which is capable of tracking & measuring the engagement of users with the site. In 2009 & 2010, social media will spread around the world, especially in community-driven regions like Southeast Asia and countries like Brazil, Russia, & Germany. According to Lichtenberg, “social media’s new jobs will also evolve & will need experts who can plan for relevant interaction within networks and aggregating platforms”. Those specialists will be able to bring together products, services, and people.

The next phase of social media will also bring a lot of profit opportunities. Taking all mentioned aspects into consideration, we will be seeing an increase in targeted and personalized ads as well as revenue sharing between strategic partners and platform / application vendors.

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