Super Search Brings The Ultimate Search Toolbar To Firefox

Yet another useless Firefox toolbar? Not this time!

If you use Firefox search toolbars a lot, this tool can be just for you. The latest and experimental add-on for Firefox called Super Search v1.1. lets you enter the search term and select from cleverly designed drop downs the search engine you want to use. And that doesn’t only end on the usual 4-5 biggest players.

You can select from the popular web search engines, real time search engines, social network searches, news, blog, document & wiki searches and video / image searches. That’s a lot of search engines in one drop down. In fact, there are almost 70 most popular search engine only 2 clicks away. Just think how much time and browser’s bookmarks space this could save 😉

The last cool feature about the Super Search is the green Search Links button. That opens list of links to results from all sorts of useful websites, from Google Maps and Yellow Pages to Job Searches and Yahoo Answers.

Make sure you check it out. Tested on Firefox version 3.5.1 without issues.

Super Search Pod1

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