Google Billboard Campaign in US – 'Going Google'

Have you gone Google yet?

These days are becoming more and more challenging for Google. Who would have thought that Google will need to start investing in off-line advertising? But the time has come and the search giant is installing huge billboards in 4 major US cities – San Francisco, New York, Chicago & Boston. So what do they advertise?

A series of advertisements will promote Google Apps and will be called “Going Google”. Google ads will target Microsoft Office which is inevitably looking like the main future competitor in a field of web-based applications. Each billboard will display one message each day for one month, e.g. “Day #2: Ah, Going Google means switching to Google Apps”.

Google will be also promoting the campaign online using Twitter (GoogleAtWork) and giving away presents each week in August to everyone who have gone Google and filled out the feedback form.

One thing is for certain, Microsoft will need to respond to that and it will be interesting to see what they do to get their web-based apps where they want them to be.

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