Google Webmaster News – Fetch As Googlebot Mobile & Multiple Users


As part of Google’s ongoing effort to improve their Webmaster Tools, they’ve launched 2 new features which I think will make life easier for many webmasters.

The first one is called Fetch As Googlebot Mobile and it’s an addition to the recently presented Fetch As Googlebot feature in Webmaster Tools. The tool shows, in real time, what Googlebot and Mobile Googlebot sees when it accesses the page.

To access the tool:

  • Login to Webmaster Tools
  • Select your site
  • Go to Labs > Fetch as Googlebot

The second addition in Webmaster Tools is the possibility of adding extra users to particular account, just like you would do in Google Analytics. This means that both you, the client, and in fact, anyone can access the same account. The down-side is the fact that the list of verified users has to be maintained and updated if needed.

To access the tool:

  • Login to Webmaster Tools
  • Click on Verify next to your site
  • Click Add a user

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