How To Submit Website To Google, Yahoo & Bing

There are 4 extremely easy ways to inform search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing about your new site. Each technique is enough to let search engines know that you want them to come, crawl and index your site. However, if you want to get to Google and others quicker, it may be worth submitting the website using all techniques below.


This applies to re-designed or re-platformed  websites. Simply redirect the traffic from old to new website using 301 Permanent redirects. This will ensure that search engines revisiting the old website follow the redirect and visit your new site.

Publish a link to your website

One of the best ways to make search engine robots / crawlers / spiders visit your website for the first time is to publish a link to your site on another well known website (press release/article repositories, video sharing sites, web directories, etc).

Create & submit the sitemap

Use the sitemap.xml generator or sitemap generating plugin (in case of blog) to create a sitemap.xml file. Sitemap is a simple xml file listing all URLs you would like to submit to search engines. Next upload this file to the root directory of your website ( and submit it using Google Webmaster Tools.

Submit website to Google, Yahoo & Bing manually

Just to be on the safe side, you can also submit the website to Google, Yahoo and Bing manually by filling in simple forms, link below:

Things to remember:

  • make sure you’re not blocking your pages with robots meta tag (noindex) or with robots.txt file
  • in case of publishing links, make sure that the link you’ve published will be followed by search engine robots and that it doesn’t have html link relation property set to ‘nofollow’

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