Google Introduces Google Instant Search

Today Google has announced a real-time search overhaul called Google Instant. Google Instant presents search results that change as you type, a feature Google has been testing recently. The search giant revealed that Google introduces Instant in order to optimise the search process and shorten the time users need to find and click on the search result.

All signed in users in US will be able to start using Google Instant from today. UK, France, Germany and Russia will get it over the course of this week.

Google Instant features:

Instant results
Feature letting you see the results as you type

Set of predictions
Google will now show a grey text next to your search query. This grey text is what Google thinks you mean as you type and what set of results it’s showing currently.

Scroll to search
A very nice feature which changes the results as the user hovers over the suggested search term

Goggle has also announced that Google Instant will be coming to mobile search this Autumn.

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