Roomba Pac-man? Why not

So you have 5 spare Roomba autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners and nothing to do with them. Here’s one for you. Dress up four of them as Ghosts and one as Pac-man, re-program them and play the real life Pac-man game.

This is exactly the idea that 5 clever guys from had to showcase the extensive Unmanned Aerial System software suite that they have developed to support a personal research.

They laid down some red tape on the floor and dressed up 5 Roombas like Pac-Man and ghosts. While the Pac-Man bot is controlled by a player, the ghosts all run autonomously, giving chase once they’ve spotted him. The original vacuum functionality also comes handy when the Pac-man is supposed to eat white paper dots in the maze.

Artur Jach Written by:

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