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HTML text content is important for both human users, and search engine crawlers. Search engines can’t see images and they need text content to ‘understand’ what the page is all about. They use content relevancy as one of the factors in deciding how high the site should rank in search engine results for particular search term.

Here are some useful SEO content tips for writing optimised product descriptions, headings, category page copy and anchor text for internal links.

SEO Content Tips:  Product Page SEO

All text content of any given product page should include around 5% of a targeted search term. Yes, the keyword density isn’t that important any more but it’s still one of important onsite SEO factors. This needs to be based on a detailed keyword analysis document. There are several product attributes which should be included and repeatedly used on the page, particularly in the product description:

  • Product name,e.g. ‘Circle Print Jodhpurs’
  • Brand name + product style/type, e.g. ‘Requisite jodhpurs’
  • Material + product style/type, e.g. ‘cotton jodhpurs’ ‘spandex jodhpurs’, ‘denim jodhpurs’
  • Colour + product style/type, e.g. ‘pink jodhpurs’
  • Any special features of the product, e.g. ‘jodhpurs with grip seat’
  • Category names, e.g. ‘horse riding clothes’, ‘horse rugs’, ‘equestrian clothing’
  • Terms relating to suitable occasion, e.g. ‘equestrian gifts’, ‘dressage clothing’
  • Terms relating to style of the product, e.g. ‘classic jodhpurs’, ‘tight jodhpurs’
  • Relevant pre-qualifiers, e.g. ‘fashion jodhpurs’
  • Gender related terms as pre-qualifiers, e.g. ‘ladies jodhpurs’, ‘childs jodhpurs’

Although it’s important to achieve 5-10% ‘keyword density’ ratio, please remember not to put too many keywords in the copy. The general idea is that it needs to read well for the human reader first, while also being optimised for the search engines. Although there are no rules on how long the product description must be, it is recommended to have it around 300 – 500 characters with spaces.

Search engine also put emphasis on how close to the beginning of the page they can find relevant ‘key search terms’. Therefore, it’s important to try to include those terms towards the beginning of the content.

The titles, headings and opening paragraph therefore are the most important onsite SEO factors so make sure these are clear and concise and contain the most important keywords. So if you want to rank for ‘children’s jodhpurs’ on the search engines then you need to use this term and not ‘childs jodhpurs’ or ‘kids jodhpurs’.

An example of a well optimised product description:

Robinsons UK Equestrian ClothingTwo Tone Jodhpurs

“Requisite Two Tone Jodhpurs Black/Grey Childs 22″. These bright jodhpurs with contrasting seat and knee pads have excellent shape retention and are a must for the everyday rider.


  • Pull on style with false fly detail
  • Ankle cuffs
  • Belt loops
  • Self seat


  • 95% cotton 5% lycra
  • Machine washable
  • Inside leg 56 cm”

SEO Content Tips:  Heading Tags SEO

Text in headings is weighted as being more important for search engines than the regular paragraphs’ copy. Since product names often become the product page heading, it’s important to include relevant targeted search terms in them, e.g. ‘Requisite Circle Print Jodhpurs Pinks’.

SEO Content Tips:  Internal Links SEO

Avoid using ’Click here to buy Requisite Circle Print Jodhpurs’ for internal links

Choose targeted search terms as link’s anchor text, e.g. ‘Buy Requisite Circle Print Jodhpurs

It’s also important to include relevant search terms in front of or after the text link, e.g. ‘…The collection includes pink Requisite Circle Print Jodhpurs from the latest childrens jodhpurs collection’.

SEO Content Tips:  Copy within images

It’s also important not to create and insert images which could otherwise be implemented as regular HTML text and could improve the number of good quality key words on the page.

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