How To Reinclude Pages In Google

O, let’s admit that, it can happen to anyone. Whether you’re a webmaster or you just discovered the internet, it’s quite easy to get your pages removed from Google’s index. You may have used adult content keywords, hid a lot of spammy content, 301 redirected the wrong page – possibilities are endless. Here are some simple checks and actions you must take in order to reinclude legitimate pages and URLs in Google.

Reinclude Page In Google – Step1

Make sure you fix the cause of removal

Don’t even attempt reading next steps without understanding and fixing the issue which caused the removal from Google index. Check Google Webmaster Tools errors and duplicate content issues, redirects, content, HTML code and make sure your pages comply with most of Google’s guidelines.

Reinclude Page In Google – Step2

Send reconsideration request to Google

This is the definitely the quickest way to get you pages back up and indexed as it goes to the real person at Google who’ll asses if you fixed all issues. You can file the request here.

Reinclude Page In Google – Step 3

Submit the URL manually to Google

If you just want to add few URLs back to the index, it makes sense you use the old and trusty Google Add URL functionality. All it does it pings the submitted URL inviting Google to come to your site and indexed specify URL.

Reinclude Page In Google – Step 4

Adding missing URLs to sitemap.xml and submitting them to Google

It is what it says. If you don’t have a sitemap xml file, here’s what it is and here’s where you can generate it.  If you do already have it, make sure missing URLs are listed in there. Although it is said that frequency and priority values of the sitemap are not that important any more, you could increase values of those two parameters for relevant URLs – just in case. Once you have the file, call it sitemap.xml, upload it to the root folder of your website, e.g. and then submit it to Google in their Webmaster Tools.

Reinclude Page In Google – Step 5

Link Building

Another way you can encourage search engine crawlers to revisit and index your missing URLs is to submit those URLs to website’s which links get often followed by spiders. Currently, my absolute winner is Digg as it speeds up the indexing process tremendously. Also, why don’t you add a link on websites which you do control. Do you have a blog? Do your partner websites have a blog? You can even submit a short article to websites like PRLog which links get indexed very, very quickly.

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