Which is the quickest way to get a brand new page indexed in Google?

Different methods of getting the page indexed

In the past SEOs had to rely on manual submissions if they wanted to get the new page indexed in Google. This was neither efficient nor exciting thing to do. However, those days are long gone and nowadays there are several ways to get the page indexed.

There are at least 6 different methods of getting Google to index the web page:

  • Old-school manual URL submission
  • Sitemap.xml file submitted in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Link from a well-known and often indexed external website
  • Social media signals and shares (Digg, Twitter)
  • ‘Submit to index’ option of the ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ tool in Webmaster Tools
  • Sharing the page in Google+ and ‘+1-ing’ it

Which is the quickest?

The question I’m often asked is: which is the quickest way of getting the page indexed? Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to that. It really does depend on the domain/page authority, how often other pages on this domain are indexed, quality of the referring external domain, and others.

Study results

In order to find out which method gets a completely brand new page (without any history) indexed in Google, I did few experiments and was stunned with the results.

Here’s how quickly pages got indexed (on average):

  1. Manual submission: 2h
  2. Fetch as Googlebot: 9h
  3. Digg submission: 14h (this varies a lot though)
  4. Google+ and +1: 2d 4h
  5. Sitemap.xml: 5d
  6. External link: 3h+ (depending on the referring page/domain)

As you can see, the oldest method out there – the ‘Add the URL’ tool was the quickest. The page was in the index after only couple of hours. Remember that these were all brand new pages with no history or links.

The ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ tool was also quick. After only 9 hours the page was indexed. What I found surprising though was the fact that it took Google 5 days to index the page submitted via the sitemap.xml file.


Summarising, if you want to get a single new URL indexed in Google ASAP then using the ‘Add the URL’ submission tool and ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ in Webmaster Tools should do the trick. It’s likely that the page will be indexed even on the same day.

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