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We were tasked with improving the number of visits and sales from organic search. We were also challenged to deliver this growth without making big changes to the website which could compromise visual and minimalistic design of the site.


The keyword analysis and competitor research led to several important strategic decisions. We found out that the majority of converting keywords were relating to long-tail search terms featuring the name of stocked jewellery designers. Additionally, there were many new landing page opportunities, mainly focusing on jewellery styles, e.g. ‘fashion jewellery’, ‘fine jewellery’, ‘gifts’, etc.

The implementation of the strategy involved all usual and best practice elements of any SEO campaign. What was unique was the approach to content optimisation. More content was added to existing pages in a non-invasive manner. Then the remaining group of target keywords was accommodated by building dedicated landing pages for jewellery styles and all jewellery designers featured on the site.

The initial stage of the off-page SEO campaign focused heavily on increasing the number of links. This was achieved by syndicating Kabiri articles and press releases as well as publishing charts and reused website content on community websites. Then the off-page SEO strategy moved on and focused on getting quality back-links from social media sites (e.g. Polyvore) and brand/designer mentions.

Another big factor in our SEO strategy was Google Shopping. Product feeds were created, optimised, published and maintained. A significant proportion of organic traffic and revenue was delivered through Google Shopping results in Google’s universal search.

Optimising Kabiri’s Google Maps/Local listings was also extremely beneficial and after few weeks Kabiri’s physical store listings were ranking on page one in Google for many very popular and competitive location based keywords, e.g. ‘jewellery shops london’.


The SEO visibility of Kabiri website increased significantly:

This was due to many very popular and competitive search terms improving in rankings in Google UK:

This was aided by Kabiri products appearing in Google’s universal search (Google Shopping) and Kabiri products ranking in Google Maps snippets for generic location related keywords.

Disclaimer: This work was carried out when I was a full time employee at Pod1 London. Although this was a team effort I directly managed SEO strategy, planning and execution.

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